How to Setup Text-to-Give Feature

How to use WeDidIt's Text-to-Give feature


The text-to-give feature is a great way to retrieve information from current and prospective supporters. It is especially useful during your organization's events with large audiences, such as fundraisers, lectures, galas, etc.

With this tool, supporters are able to quickly and easily access your organization's campaign page (and make donations) right from their mobile phone, whenever, wherever.

WeDidIt's Text-to-Give feature uses automated SMS texts to share a unique message with anyone who texts your unique keyword to your short code number (i.e. 41441). 


Enabling the feature:

  1. Email to request the feature to be enabled. Subject line: Add Text-to-Give.
  2. In email, include the following details:
    • 1 keyword for your supporters to text (i.e. GIVINGTUESDAY) in all caps and no spaces
    • auto SMS message (140 character limit): the message you want your supporters to receive after they text your shortcode number
    • start date: the date when you want text-to-give to be activated
    • end date: the date when your text-to-give campaign should end
  3. Once submitted, it will take 5 business days for the feature to be enabled for your campaign. You will be notified via email when the setup is completed.
  4. The confirmation email will include your SMS message, unique keyword and a text-to-give shortcode, which you should promote to your supporters. 


Using the feature:

  1. Once the text-to-give shortcode number is distributed by the organization, supporters are able to text your unique keyword to that number via SMS.
  2. Supporters will receive your automated reply message (including the campaign URL), upon texting your Keyword.
  3. By clicking the campaign URL from the phone, supporters will be taken to your mobile-friendly campaign page where they can make a donation. 

Here is an example of how the SMS interaction looks on iOS...



Rules & notes on the feature:

  1. There is a 140 character limit on the auto SMS message.
  2. You must choose a keyword as an organization, for your specific campaign, that will prompt the message sent to supporters who text to give.
  3. This feature allows supporters to access your campaign page quickly and easily, but is not an automatic donation tool.
  4. It takes 5 business days to set-up the text-to-give feature.



Our Text-to-Give features has three pricing options:

  • 2 Months: $100
  • 6 Months: $250
  • 12 Months: $400


For additional help or information please email:


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