How to Create & Use Campaign Templates

How to create campaign templates.

First of all, let's briefly talk about why you would use templates. You would use a template when you are creating a campaign. It is a quick and easy way to get your campaign started, as it uses a pre-created template for a campaign. This is especially useful for your organization if you create multiple campaigns in a year.



- You would use campaign templates to make campaign creation quick and easy as you create multiple campaigns throughout the year. Templates are saved in the campaign section of your dashboard, and can be used when creating a new template. The information is saved and editable at any time. 



- You can use a template when you create a new campaign. When you click 'create', you'll be prompted by an option to choose 'from template' if you have created one in the past that you wish to use for this specific campaign as well. 



- From your dashboard, go to the main menu and click 'campaigns';



from that drop down menu, click 'templates';


then click 'create new template''


From the template editing page, you can edit it to your liking, i.e. choose suggested donation amounts, create your customized messages, add images, etc. just like a regular campaign being created from scratch. At the end, click 'save'. Now your template is stored in the list of templates under 'campaigns'.


If you've already created a template and wish to use it, go to 'campaigns' and click 'new'; 


Then click 'new' , you will be immediately prompted with a choice between creating a campaign from scratch or using a template;2.png Click 'from template', then choose the correct template from the drop down menu. That will open up the campaign editing, but now with your pre-made template filling the blanks'





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