What is 'Whitelabeling'?

What is white labeling?

The term 'whitelabel' refers to the act of making your donation pages match the look and feel of your organization's website.

The Whitelabel settings can be found on the main dashboard under the tab 'Whitelabel'. 

There are two different variations of Whitelabeling available to you;

  1. DIY Whitelabel - you can design yourself for free
  2. Custom Whitelabel - you can purchase from WeDidIt

To deisgn your own Whitelabel, go to the Whitelabel page from your dashboard; 


There you will be able to create and edit the page header & navigation menu applied across your donation, campaign pages, and any other public facing pages you may launch. Click 'update' when finished. Step-by- step instructions on how to edit your own whitelabel are here.


To order a custom Whitelabel page, scroll down to the bottom of the Whitelabel page, and click 'Purchase Design Help';



Step-by- step instructions on how to purchase a custom whitelabel, design by our tech team are here.

For more information and help on Whitelabeling, watch this video.  


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