Search Entities API For Parent Organizations

This entities API enables visitors to the parent organization site to do a search within the child database. With this entities API, visitors are able to search accounts, campaigns, and other forms related to their group of children. This information is able to be accessed, manipulated, and displayed on a webpage in whatever way the parent organization chooses.


Search API

V 1.0




Returns: text/json



"url": "",

"title": "Super organization",

"description": "Super organization is the best organization to support."



"url": "...",

"title": "...",

"description": "..."



API Reference

Required parameters

ENTITY_TYPE = { Client | Campaign | ContactForm }

CLIENT_ID - The ID associated with the organization in question. If searching within all children of a parent org, use the parent org’s ID.


Optional parameters

TEXT_TO_SEARCH - A URL encoded string to search

ZIP_CODE - restrict search to this zip code


Contact if you have questions.


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