Make a Payment or Donation on Behalf of a Donor

How to make a payment or donation on behalf of a donor

This feature is useful for situations in which:

- you are on the phone with a donor who wishes to make a contribution
- for someone who does not have access to a computer or mobile phone
- when you're authorized to charge your supporters debit or credit card for a specific payment

From your WeDidIt dashboard, click 'contributions' on the left hand panel. A drop down menu will appear below 'contributions'. Click the button that says 'List':



On the Contributions List page, click the [+ Contribution] button:


This will take you to the 'Create New' contribution page. This page includes a series of 4 steps through which you will enter your donor's information. First, you will have to choose the campaign to which your donor would like to make a contribution: 



* Note: "Open Contribution" is also known as your Donation Page.


Then, the donation (or payment) amount, donor information, and payment credentials:





When you are finished, click 'create contribution', and the donation will be added automatically to your organization and WeDidIt records. Remember to thank your donor for their contribution:)





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