How to Create a Donation Gift Card

A donation gift card is one that is created by the organization, to be made available on the organization's website that then links them to a WeDidIt hosted gift card page. Donors are able to purchase a gift card from the site and use it either as a gift to someone else or for themselves to contribute to the organization through their donation page later on which they can do with the gift card redemption code at check-out.

From your WeDidIt dashboard, click the 'gift cards' tab on the left hand panel:



Click 'create' from the dropdown menu that appears: 



This will take you to the gift card creation page. From here you can fill in the relevant information for the gift card you want to create. To ensure you're creating a 'donation gift card', you must make sure from the drop down menu under 'gift card type' that you choose 'campaign'. This will ensure that the gift card can only be used in donation to a specific organization campaign:



Click 'submit' when finished:



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