What is a Matching Code?

What is a matching code?

When a donor enters a specified amount into a donation form, the parent organization and 3rd party partners will publish specialized match codes, which match the contribution in dollar amounts.

Essentially, a matching code is associated with a 3rd party partner who has agreed to match the funds donated to a campaign or organization. This code is applied at check-out to all who have access to it. The matching code can be listed on the 'current match offers' page of the parent organization's site and/or shared through social media and email.

The code is to be applied in tandem with a donation to a campaign in order for the donation to be matched by that 3rd party automatically. The matching funds are drawn from the 3rd party's account and are matched in real time. The matching funds, when contributed to a campaign, will automatically move the campaign's thermometer up as well.



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