Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Overview

How it Works

You create a 'parent' campaign page that has information that will appear on each of your supporters' personal fundraising pages. You then send that page around to your supporters and everybody who wants to can create their own personal fundraising page.

People give to people. Over 70% of people surveyed in 2012-2013 said they would give to an organization if they were asked by a friend or family member. Allowing your donors to create personal fundraising pages puts their face and information about who they are and why they support you on your fundraising campaign when they share it.


  1. Acquire new donors.

  2. Build reservoir of online donor information.

  3. Strengthen social media assets (email, facebook, twitter).

  4. Empower your current supporters.

  5. Create volunteer opportunity for current supporters.

How to get Started

  1. Sign in to your WeDidIt account. 
  2. Create a new campaign and ensure that 'Enable Peer Campaigns' is selected.
  3. Build the 'parent' page. The content you provide on this page will appear on every personal fundraising page that your supporters create.
  4. Your parent page will have a button that says 'Fundraise for this campaign'. 
  5. Clicking this will ask for a photo, name, paragraph on why you support the campaign, and fundraising goal. 
  6. Once all those fields are filled in, your supporters will have created their personal fundraising page that they can share with friends & Family.


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