White Label Pages

What is a White Label page?

White label pages are WeDidIt pages that look and feel native to your website.

How is it created?

For "Custom White labeling" our tech team builds it based on the html code of your website's header and navigation menu. We handle it all on our end. 

However, we also provide "DIY White labeling" if you prefer to mimic and design the header & navigation menu yourself. However, it's likely that you won't be able to get the styling to look exactly like your website's via DIY-style white labeling. 

How long does custom white labeling it take?

Custom White labeling is usually delivered within 4-5 business days once our tech team start the process. However, we may ask for additional time or request some direction if your website's header or navigation is complex.

Who's website is it on?

All of you fundraising pages are hosted by WeDidIt, but they should look pages native to your website.

How do I get the white label page(s) on my website?

This is normally just a matter of swapping out the URL that your web visitors are directed towards when they click 'contribute', 'donate', etc. on your website. 

In other words, you should point any button or hyperlink related to donating or campaigns from your website to the URLs of the respective fundraising pages hosted by WeDidIt. 

Your webmaster or whoever is controlling your website can do this for you in less than 5 minutes.

What if there are changes to my site?

Be sure to let us know. If you update your site, your white label pages won't change automatically. Our team will need to update or re-build your white label to reflect your new website design.

How many times can I change my white label?

Each premium WeDidIt subscription allows for two white labels - i.e. we'll build one when your subscription begins, and will do one more if you update your site during your subscription.



Some Examples

Custom white label page -

* notice how the header & navigation matches

DIY white label page -

* notice how the header & navigation menu are different from their website's -

Is there an additional cost for custom white labeling?

Yes, there's a one-time $250 fee for our tech team to manually produce your custom white label page design. 


Tip: Your white label pages always end in '' and should resemble the look and feel of your website.


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