Rewards & Suggested Donation Amounts

Is it mandatory that I offer rewards or suggested donation amounts? No.

Should I Offer Rewards?

Rewards can be a great way to thank your donors for their contributions. They can be retail items, like coffee mugs, and t-shirts. But they can also be digital gifts and levels of recognition; for example, facebook shoutouts, thank-yous in your annual report, a mention/post on your website, etc.

When determining if you should offer rewards in your campaign, ask yourself a few questions...

Quantity - Do you have enough rewards to give?

Impact - Does offering the reward increase the likelihood of receiving a larger donation?

Distribution - Will you offer physical rewards such as t-shirts that you will need to ship to donors? Can you offer rewards that can be distributed digitally?

Fulfillment - What is your capacity to get rewards to donors in a timely manner? Do certain rewards need to be limited to a specific quantity?

Relevance - Why are you offering rewards? Are they items or experiences your donors will actually care about? Do they relate to your mission?

Pricing - How much will it cost for you to acquire and ship/distribute each reward? 

Scarcity - Which rewards are most exclusive? Does their scarcity increase the perceived value of the reward and thus, the likelihood of obtaining a larger donation?

Should I List Suggested Donation Amounts?

Unless you have a good reason not to, we advise listing suggested donation amounts. They can be arbitrary (i.e. $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, etc) or have meaningful significance (i.e. lucky numbers like $18, $36, or commemorating a special year/metric). 

However, suggested donation amounts work best when they correspond to a result.

For example, what does a $50 donation help you to accomplish? In your campaign description, consider describing how a given donation amount helps your cause and what it allows you to do.

Moreover, try to make the suggested amounts as specific as possible. For example, if you're an animal shelter, you could say '$87 allows us to rescue one dog per week'. You could have an $87 suggested amount, as well as a $174 suggestion (2 dogs), a $440 suggestion (5 dogs), etc.



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