Recurring Donations FAQ

For Donors:

How do I set up a recurring donation?

When you're entering your donor info, select either 'Once', 'Weekly', 'Monthly', 'Quarterly', 'Yearly' or 'Daily' as the Period of your donation.



How often will my card be charged?

Either monthly or quarterly (every 3 months).


How do I cancel a recurring donation?

When you set up a recurring donation, you will receive an email receipt each time your card is charged (monthly or quarterly). Each email receipt includes a link to update your payment preferences, where you can cancel future payments. Payments will recur indefinitely until you cancel them.


When will my recurring donation stop?

When you cancel future payments or when your card expires.


What happens if my card expires?

You'll need to set up a new recurring payment with your new, valid card.


For Organizations:

How do I see if a donation is recurring or not?

Check your list of donors - when you download the CSV you'll see a column titled 'Recurrence'. This will either say 'monthly', 'quarterly', or be blank.


Are all future payments recorded in my donor records?

Your WeDidIt records will only record the initial donor record - they will not show subsequent payments after the first payment is made. Your WePay records will reflect every payment made (the initial payment plus all future recurring payments).


Does a recurring donation receive a tax receipt for every future payment they make?



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