Adding rewards

First consider whether or not rewards are right for your campaign - check this article to help you make the decision.

Sign in to your WeDidIt account and navigate to the 'Rewards' page of the Campaign you're working on. Select 'Use Rewards'.


Give the reward a short title, enter the amount (price) of the reward and offer a brief description. 

The fair market value of the reward is its retail price and is used to calculate the amount of a donation that is tax deductible. For example if you offer a t-shirt for a $50 donation and the t-shirt's fair market value is $10, the tax deductible amount of the donation is $40.

Indicate how many of the reward you're able to offer and select a thumbnail image.

Click 'Create Reward' to finish and repeat the process for any additional rewards. Click 'Save & Next' when you're done.


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