WeDidIt Glossary

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All-or-Nothing Campaign - A fundraising campaign where the goal must be reached before the campaign concludes in order for donations to be collected. Donors’ cards are charged after the campaign ends only if the campaign has hit or exceeded its funding goal.

Campaign Wizard - This is where you create, launch and edit your campaign pages in the WeDidIt platform.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising - Your supporters fundraise on your behalf by creating personal fundraising pages and reaching out to their friends, family & co-workers for donations.

Personal Fundraising Page - The page that a peer-to-peer fundraiser creates. It includes their name, an image (normally a photo of them) & a paragraph on who they are and why the cause is important to them. They set their own personal fundraising goal. Underneath their personal info is all the same content as the master campaign page which you built.

Rewards - Incentives/gifts that donors can select to receive for donating different amounts.

Slideshow - Step 3 in the campaign wizard. You create an image slideshow by selecting and uploading images for the ‘Media’ section (top left under the title) of your campaign page.

Traditional Campaign - A fundraising campaign where all donations go through regardless of hitting the funding goal. Donors’ cards are charged immediately when they make their donation.


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