The Features section lets you know how much of WeDidIt's features you're taking advantage of. If there are features that aren't active for your account that you're curious about, reach out to to learn how you can activate them.

Custom Branded Donation Page - This is the WeDidIt-powered general donation page for your site. The pages are mobile-optimized, provide direct integration and promotion with your social media, track your donors' activity, feature a 3-step donation process that increases donation conversion by 15%, and integrate a post-donation video that you & your team can customize to thank your donors. WeDidIt donation pages statistically increase your donation conversions by 35%.

Traditional Campaigns - Keep 100% of the funds you raised. This is automatically activated for all accounts.

Mobile Enabled - This provides you access to the WeDidIt Mobile App. Custom designed for nonprofit fundraising & donor data collection. The WeDidIt mobile app is the best way to empower your in-person fundraising.

Insights - With just an email address we help organizations identify the people who can make a major impact when it's time to fundraise. 

Donors Report - One-click downloads of all of your donor records.


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