Appendix D: Types of WeDidIt Fundraising Pages

1. Campaign Page

  • Must have a goal & deadline
  • Campaign title & subtitle
  • Campaign video OR slideshow
  • Campaign progress metrics ($ raised, % of goal, # of believers, time until campaign ends)
  • Reward tiers OR suggested donation amounts
  • Social sharing links
  • Campaign description - text & images

Click here for an example.

2. Peer-to-Peer Page/Personal Fundraising Page

  • Built off of a main/parent campaign page
  • For individuals or groups raising money for parent page
  • Users select a photo and provide a paragraph on who they are and why they're fundraising
  • Personal fundraising goal
  • Personal information (photo & paragraph) appear above the rest of the campaign page content

Click here for an example.

3. White Label Campaign Page

Contact [email protected] for more details if you're interested in adding white labeling.

Click here for more information.

4. Open Campaign Page (General Donation Page)

WeDidIt Premium only.

  • A basic donation portal for your website
  • Any information & images you'd like to display
  • Simple three-step checkout
  • Four suggested donation amounts
  • Optional 'In Honor of' field
  • Supports images & text, but not video embedding

Click here for an example.


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