Appendix D: Types of WeDidIt Fundraising Pages

1. Campaign Page

  • Must have a goal & deadline
  • Campaign title & subtitle
  • Campaign video OR slideshow
  • Campaign progress metrics ($ raised, % of goal, # of believers, time until campaign ends)
  • Reward tiers OR suggested donation amounts
  • Social sharing links
  • Campaign description - text & images

Click here for an example.

2. Peer-to-Peer Page/Personal Fundraising Page

  • Built off of a main/parent campaign page
  • For individuals or groups raising money for parent page
  • Users select a photo and provide a paragraph on who they are and why they're fundraising
  • Personal fundraising goal
  • Personal information (photo & paragraph) appear above the rest of the campaign page content

Click here for an example.

3. White Label Campaign Page

Contact for more details if you're interested in adding white labeling.

Click here for more information.

4. Open Campaign Page (General Donation Page)

WeDidIt Premium only.

  • A basic donation portal for your website
  • Any information & images you'd like to display
  • Simple three-step checkout
  • Four suggested donation amounts
  • Optional 'In Honor of' field
  • Supports images & text, but not video embedding

Click here for an example.


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