The Onboarding section indicates which actions you need to take in order to have your account completely set up. If you have questions about any of the onboarding items, reach out to to find out how to complete your set-up.

Authorize WePay - This is essential. You need to do this to allow payments.

Upload Donor Records - (WeDidIt Insights only).

Invite My Team - Make sure there's more than one user on your account and that there are plenty of people accessing and getting the benefits from your WeDidIt account.

Connect With My Coach - (WeDidIt Premium only) Connect with your fundraising coach to start learning how you can get the most out of your WeDidIt subscription.

Enroll In The Academy - The WeDidIt Academy has online courses that teach you how to be a master fundraiser: create the perfect campaign, master peer-to-peer fundraising, engage with major gift prospects and more.


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