About Your General Donation Page

Your General Donation page is the WeDidIt-powered donation portal on your website. It offers:

  • Mobile optimization so that your donors have a great donation experience no matter what kind of device they're using.
  • A 3-step donation checkout process proven to increase donation conversion by 15%.
  • A post-donation video or image that allows you to personally thank your donors for their contribution and ask them to spread the word.
  • Social media activity tracking: it lets you know how many likes, shares, tweets, and direct messages come from donors on your page.
  • Page traffic data: how many people visit your page every day.
  • The option to make a donation 'In Honor' of somebody else and send that person a notification about it.
  • Four suggested donation amounts to help give your donors an idea of how different amounts help you achieve your mission.
  • Any text & images that you want to include.

Click here for an example.


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