About your Donor Data

The WeDidIt platform collects data on everybody who contributes. Here's a breakdown of each data point we capture:

  1. Donor first & last name
  2. Date & time of the donation
  3. Donor email address
  4. Which campaign the donation was made to
  5. Donation amount
  6. Donor Fee - whether or not the donor elected to cover the transaction fee for their donation
  7. Recurrence - donors can opt to set up monthly or quarterly recurring donations
  8. State - Collected (donation has been deposited in your WePay account), Pending Collection (something is holding up the donation going through, normally the donor's card provider has flagged the charge), Authorized (donation hasn't been collected yet, either because the campaign is all-or-nothing or because the donor's card provider is reviewing the transaction)
  9. Reward selected (if you're offering rewards)
  10. Reward tier - which reward tier the selected if you're offering rewards
  11. Source - Online (the donor made an online contribution through WeDidIt), Offline (you manually entered a donation on the back-end)
  12. Address - this will be collected if you select the 'Full user fields' field in your Organization settings. Otherwise address is not a required field
  13. Message (if they choose to leave you one)
  14. Platform - Web (made on a computer), web_mobile (made on a mobile browser), app (made through the WeDidIt mobile app)
  15. Honoree - info for the honoree if your donor made their contribution in honor of somebody else.


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