Fundraising at an Event Checklist

Using WeDidIt at your event is a great way to take in-person donations, collect donor data, show fundraising progress and create an atmosphere of giving in real time. All donations are processed immediately and are reflected in your campaign's progress. Your page can be displayed on any device that has a mobile browser - this checklist goes through everything you should do before and during the event to ensure a great donation experience for all.

No need to download anything(unless you want to download a specific mobile browser) - just go to your campaign page URL on the browser of your choice.

We recommend designating giving stations, whether this be putting a device at each table, setting up places in the room that you ask attendees to go to to contribute, or designating staff members or volunteers to go around with devices asking people to donate.


  • Do you have a campaign page created and published for the event?
  • Have you reviewed your campaign page with your WeDidIt representative?
  • What devices will you be using? Do you need to rent or borrow some?
  • Will you be asking attendees to use their own phones? If so make 100% sure you know the white label URL for your campaign so you can tell them where to go.
  • Will the devices be iOS or Android? Will your staff/volunteers need training in an operating system they're not familiar with?
  • Does every device you will be using have a mobile browser with the campaign page loaded.
  • Is there somebody (or multiple people) who are familiar with donating on each device that can assist donors if needed?
  • Have you tested every device that you will be using at the event?

At the Event

  • Does every device have your campaign page loaded onto it?
  • Are all the devices fully charged? Is there a charger (or chargers) on site if needed?
  • Are all of the devices connected to the internet? Will there be any interruptions in that connection?
  • Do any of the devices have passcodes? If so, disable them in case a donor accidentally locks one and can't get back in.
  • Do the devices need to remain ‘awake’ for the duration of your event, if so, you’ll need to change the settings (iOS): Settings > General > Auto-Lock > Never
  • Have you tested making a complete donation (just make a $1 donation) using one or more of the devices at the venue on the day of the event?
  • Have you called your WeDidlt representative to confirm that everything is functional?

Be sure to test completing the donation process.

Other things to be aware of

  • What is the venue's WiFi/internet connectivity capability? Is there a limit? Will the number of people in the room affect the bandwidth?
  • Have your staff/volunteers walk around the room asking donors if they need help or have questions. Let them know to periodically check each device to make sure it's working.



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