Linking WePay & Your Bank Account FAQ

What do I need to do?

  • You need to ensure that your bank account and WePay accounts are linked within 30 days of creating your WePay account

How do I do it?

Sign in to your WePay account - click here. We recommend having your WePay account open in one tab and these instructions open in another.

What will I see in WePay to show me what to do?

  • You should see a notification when you sign in to your WePay account that says 'We need some more information'. Click through to fill in the form (should take 30 seconds or less). Once you finish, you're all set.

What if I'm not prompted to do anything in WePay?

  • Then most likely you already took care of this activation when you set up your WePay account. To verify, follow the process outlined below.

I'm not sure if I correctly linked my bank account?

1. To verify, sign in to your WePay account and click on the settings icon in the top right (see instructions below).

2. Live chat with WePay support (in your WePay account, not here) or email and ask them to verify.

3. Click on 'Trust Center' on the left.

4. If you see a notification symbol to the left of 'Basic Account Verification', click on 'Go' on the right. If you don't see any notifications, you have completed your necessary verification.

5. If you do see the notification, enter the requested information on the following pages. When you're done, you can double check by verifying that this notification no longer appears in your WePay account.


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