Membership Pages

WeDidIt is a donation/fundraising platform, but we can make changes to campaign pages so that they reflect membership as opposed to donations.

To do this, you create a campaign page and then our tech team manually changes the word 'Donate' to the word 'Membership/Member/etc.' across the page.

The screenshots below indicate in red which fields can be changed, edited or removed. As this is a manual update that our tech team need to make, we require 10 business days in order for the changes to be completed. The numbers correspond to what about a particular field can be changed.

  1. Changed to 'Membership'
  2. Can be hidden/removed
  3. Can be removed
  4. Changed to 'Purchase'
  5. Changed to 'Purchase'
  6. Changed to 'Payment'
  7. Can be hidden/removed
  8. Changed to 'Payment'
  9. Can be edited or removed
  10. Changed to whatever you like
  11. Changed to 'Payment'
  12. Changed to 'Is my payment secure?'
  13. Changed to 'Payment'



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