Manually Add an Offline Donation (i.e. check, cash)

Sign in to your WeDidIt account. Select 'Contributions'. Then select 'List'. Click '+ Offline Contribution'.



On the next page, select the campaign the donation is to. If this is to a peer campaign, first select the main campaign, then select the appropriate peer campaign.


When you're happy with all the donor info, click 'Create contribution'.

NOTE: A unique email address must be associated with each donor. If you do not have an email address for an offline donation, enter a fake unique email address such as [donorfirstname.lastname]1@[your organization].org.


DO NOT USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS FOR MULTIPLE OFFLINE DONATIONS FROM DIFFERENT DONORS. If you do this, the system will simply assign subsequent offline payments to the same email address. Therefore, you will not be able to distinguish which donor made each offline donation.


NOTE: In your donor records, the fees will be calculated however no fees are taken for offline entries.


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