What do donors automatically receive?

When a donation is successfully collected, the donor will (normally - the tax receipt can be turned off) receive three emails automatically:

  1. Payment Authorization (from WePay) - this is to let the donor know that their pledge/intent to donate has been successfully received. This is because sometimes donors' card providers review or block the charge even if all the card info was entered correctly. This email is not customizable. Click here for an example.
  2. Payment Confirmation (from WePay) - this is to let the donor know that their payment has been successfully received by the recipient and how it will appear on their card statement. This email is not customizable. Click here for an example.
  3. Tax Receipt (from WeDidIt) - this is an optional feature that we can turn off if you'd prefer. This is sent when WePay successfully receives the donation into your WePay account and finishes reviewing the payment (they do random testing on charges). This email can include a post-donation message if you choose to include one. Click here for an example.

NOTE: There are no dedicated 'Thank You' messages that are automatically sent. You'll have a full list of donors & their email addresses and can follow up with them to thank them as you see fit. This is because when thank-you's are sent automatically & immediately, they're easy to ignore. We also believe that your donors what to be thanked by you, rather than by us!


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