What does the 'State' of a donation mean?

When checking your donor records, you'll notice that every donation has a 'State'. This refers to the status of the donor's payment.

  • Initiated: The payment was initiated and is in the first stage of processing.

  • Approved: Typically used for recurring payments, and represents that the

    payer's credit card has authorized the WeDidit app to charge it in the future.

  • Authorized: The payer entered their payment info and confirmed the payment. The card was successfully charged, but the funds have not yet been credited to the payee account. Reasons for this may include ACH processing time, reviews from our Trust and Safety team, or delayed payout features.

  • Purchased: The actual payment was made or purchased (in the case of memberships, tickets or other purchasable items).

  • Cancelled: The payment has been cancelled by the payer, payee, or application.

  • Refunded: The payment was captured and then refunded by the payer, payee, or the application (WeDidIt). The payment has been debited from the payee account and returned to the payer.

  • Failed: The payment has failed.

If you're checking your donor records through your WePay account, click here for their glossary of Checkout States.


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