What does the 'State' of a donation mean?

When checking your donor records, you'll notice that every donation has a 'State'. This refers to the status of the donor's payment.

  • Collected - The donor's card has been successfully charged and the donation has been processed by WePay.
  • Authorized - The intent to make the payment has been received, but the donor's card has not yet been charged. In this situation, the donor can call the number on the back of their card and ask that the payment be approved.
  • Pending Collection - The charge has been approved, however WePay are reviewing the charge (they do this randomly for fraud prevention).
  • Cancelled - The payment was reversed before the donor's card was charged, i.e. while it was in an 'Authorized' state.
  • Refunded - The payment has been refunded, and all fees (including WePay’s fee) have been reversed.

If you're checking your donor records through your WePay account, click here for their glossary of Checkout States.


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