SalesForce Integration

If your subscription includes SalesForce integration, you can follow these instructions to get it set up for your account.

Sign in to your WeDidIt account and click 'Contributions' and then 'CRM Exporting'. Click 'Setup SalesForce'.



Add the SalesForce app details:

  1. Enter the "SalesForce App ID"
  2. Enter the "SalesForce App Secret"
  3. Enter the "SalesForce Contribution Custom Object"
  4. Enter the "SalesForce Donor Custom Object"

For more information about how to fill the information in those fields, follow the step by step guide below those fileds

5. Step by step guide for Classic Experience

6. Step by step guide for Lightning Experience

Click "Save & Next" button to save your changes.




It will take you to the "Mapping" section. There you can drag and drop the boxes from Left (1) to right (2), to match the SalesForce fields with WeDidIt custom fields. Click "Save Mapping" when finished.



You can edit the mapping at any time clicking on "Edit Mapping" or remove the integration making click on "Remove SalesForce Integration" button.




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