Edit your Whitelabel Colors

1. Sign in to your WeDidIt account and click on the 'Dashboard' button in the top left then 'Whitelabel Settings'

2. Toggle between tabs and color pickers to adjust the font & colors of your donation page & your campaign pages. As you adjust the colors, you'll see a preview of your pages will appear on the right.

1 - Select a font.

2 - Choose font, accent & background colors.

3 - Click here to choose your color.

4. Toggle between editing your Donation Page & your Campaign Pages.

5 - When you're done click 'Update'.

Using the color picker:

You have the option of either (#1) entering the hexadecimal color code for the exact color you want or (#2) clicking on a color you like from the color grid.

To find the exact colors from your site and get the hexadecimal codes for them, you can use a tool like an eyedrop color picker, or any other tool you like. 



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