Change your Fundraising Page Type

You can use your campaign page to reflect more than just accepting donations. By changing the type of fundraising page, you can use a WeDidIt campaign page to reflect Membership, Ticketing, Sponsorship & Adoption as well.

NOTE: Nothing about how donations are recorded or anything else on the back-end of the WeDidIt platform will change, just what the donors/payees see as they complete their payment.

This selection only changes the words the donors see on your page from 'donate/donation/etc.' to one of the other options (i.e purchase/sponsor/adopt, etc).

To change your language type, sign in to your WeDidIt account and navigate to your live/pending campaigns or create a new campaign. On the second page (Extended) of the Campaign Wizard, you'll see a drop-down menu at the bottom that says 'Fundraising Page'.

Select the type of fundraising page you need, then click 'Save & Next'.

You'll see the updates reflected on your campaign page.




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