Preparing your donor data for analysis

Here are a few tips to ensure you input clean data during your Insights data upload. 


  1. Export data from your database that matches these data mapping points.
  2. Leave out data that does not match the WeDidIt mapping points. You will not be able to map them. This may increase the likelihood of mistakenly mapping information.
  3. Rename ambiguously titled columns to something you will recognize when not looking at the spreadsheet.


  1. Ensure the right kind of data is in the right columns. For example, if your column is meant to contain only emails double check that no other data, like a phone number, is listed in that column.


  1. Only one constituent name should be listed in any given name field. If you have contacts listed by household, you will need to separate these names.  i.e. John and Mary Doe are listed as "John and Mary" in your database as a "First Name" field. 

Incorrect Columns

Correct Columns


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