How to map your donor records

Sign in to your WeDidIt account and select 'Insights' from the left panel. Then select 'Upload'. Select the ‘Donor Data’ tab, read the Instructions and then click ‘Browse’.



Navigate to desired .csv file of donor data.

NOTE: You can add all the donor data you are uploading to a new list that you title. Be sure to follow the donor data specifications carefully to ensure accurate mapping. 


Click on 'Submit Donor Data'. This will send you to the page where you can map the data points.

Follow the directions on the screen & the email notifications sent from the platform.


Look at your data and select the corresponding category in the drop down menu of the ‘Map matching field' column.


After making desired changes, click on ‘Finalize Import’.

A pop up will appear. Click ‘Ok’.


Then you will be brought to the 'Upload History' page. This page will tell you the progress of the upload.

NOTE: This is also the page where it tracks if you have uploaded data from twitter or other social media.


When the progress is 100%, the upload has finished and the profiles are now searchable.

NOTE: If some emails had issues, it will be found in the last column. You will be notified by email if the upload to WeDidIt Insights was successful.


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