How to create an IDP and what this feature does

IDP: Ideal Donor Profile

Following the steps below will help you create an IDP search. The system will send you an email with a link to the people/person's profile/s that match your specified Ideal Donor from Insights.

Sign in to your WeDidIt account and select 'Insights' from the left panel. Click on 'IDP'. Then click on 'New Ideal Donor Profile' button and a popup should appear.


Enter the desired characteristics to match and the required Title. Scroll down and click the ‘Create’ button.


Click on 'See Matches' when results were found.

NOTE: The IDP will be created but the results will not be found until the scheduled search happens, if there are any matches you will be emailed with links to the profiles.

-Scheduled IDP Search- happens every 24 hours at 8AM GMT.

When you come back after 24 hours, the number of results will show up in parentheses next to the newly made IDP.


From there, you can select which profile to look at. The top of the profile will have a section titled ‘Matching IDPS’ and what they matched with.

If there are promoters who matched, you can add them to your email list for your organization's upcoming events to promote them to a larger audience.



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