How to add a Profiles to a list

Sign in to your WeDidIt account and select 'Insights' left panel. Click on 'Lists' sub menu item. Click on 'Show' corresponding to the desired list.



Either enter search term in the search box and click 'Search’ or click 'Advanced Search’.




Edit the fields that you want to change and click 'Search' to finish.

NOTE:  For example: search for supporters with Twitter accounts.



1) After the search click the checkbox next to ‘Full Name’ to include all found results per page.

2) Click on 'Tag' in the right after the ‘Advanced Search’ and then select and click the appropriate list/s and click 3)Apply’.


NOTE:  For example: Only after selecting the checkbox the Tag option will appear.

NOTE:  Some checkboxes will be checked if they are already in those lists.



Or click ‘Create’; Enter desired name then click the ‘Save’ button.



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