Glossary of Icons


Edit End Date: Here is where you can change the end date of your campaign.

Preview Whitelabel : To see what you campaign page looks like when it is white labeled.

Edit: Gets you back into the edit mode for campaign.

Url: Gives a list of the campaign urls for instance Peer Campaign List URL, Whitelabel Sub-domain URL and Campaign's widget embedded code.



Tag: Appears when a donor is selected. It allows user to select lists to add profiles to a list. 

In the Advanced Search:

Promoter: Profiles with extensive following on social media

Potential Valuable Supporter: For those with extensive following on social media

Company Matches Donations: Prospects with companies that match donations

Twitter Follower: Donors that are the organization's twitter followers.

Real Estate Estimate found.

Facebook profile found.

Twitter profile found.

Linkedin profile found.


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