Activity Feed: Which Activities Are Logged

The Activity Feed’s purpose is to display major changes and updates made by users associated with the company account.

Sign in to your WeDidIt account and select 'Activity Feed' from the menu in the top left.

The default view will display the activities done most recently at the top. However, you can organize it many different ways.

Changes can be made so that the list is organized to your preference (i.e Most current activities/ Date, By alphabetical order of Account Name or you can enter desired result into the 'Search' bar. You can also change the amount of entries displayed on the page as well. 


By clicking the icon next to ‘Date’, you can reverse the chronological order of the current list.

By clicking the icon next to Full Name’, you can view activities separated by account names. 

Click the drop-down [defaults to 10] next to ‘Show’ to change how many entries per page are displayed.

Some log activities include: initiates a profile search, viewed Profile, and uploads donor data.


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