500 page error when editing my fundraising pages

When you copy text from a desktop rich text editor such as Microsoft Word, formatting will also be copied. When you paste this text into a website rich text editor such as the ones you have for editing your donation page, campaigns, or membership purchase page, additional markup is added to the text's code that can cause formatting issues.

Consequently, when you finally press "update" to save your changes, you may get a 500 page error.


To avoid this 500 page error when editing your pages, you have to prevent Microsoft Word HTML markup from entering the text editors in the WeDidIt platform.

Here are 4 ways to do this:

  1. Type directly into the editor itself.
  2. Paste into Notepad first, deselect your text, re-select it, then paste it into the WYSIWYG editor (putting it into Notepad first strips out everything but text, so you’ll probably have to reformat your lists, bold, italics, etc.).
  3. Use the “Paste From Word” icon in your WYSIWYG editor toolbar instead of Ctrl+V (or Cmd +V on Mac), but be aware that this doesn’t always erase all the markup.
  4. Use an online Word -> Clean HTML converter like


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