How to promote your campaign via email

To start sharing your campaign in social media follow the next steps:


Click on Campaigns, then click on List. Select the campaign you want to share and search for the "URL Button", click on it.



A modal should appear. Copy the Campaign URL and paste it in your email and/or your preferred email marketing tool(s).



Ask yourself the following questions before starting an email campaign.

  • Management: Do you have somebody who will be in charge of creating and disseminating emails?
  • Schedule: Are you prepared to send weekly emails to different targeted lists with content relevant to the campaign's progress?
  • Distribution: What email tool will you be using for your outreach (i.e. Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Gmail, etc? How familiar are you with it?
  • Content: Do you have the following emails ready?
    • Pre-campaign email to Ambassadors
    • Pre-campaign email to guaranteed donors
    • Mass campaign launch email
    • Mass weekly update emails
    • Thank you email to donors
    • Emails Ambassadors can copy and send
    • Encouragement email to Ambassadors
    • 7 days / 48 hours/ 24 hours left emails
  • Structure: Are your emails focused with no more than 6 sentences (unless absolutely necessary)? Do they include motivating updates and strong calls-to-action?


Once you determine the answers to questions like these, you'll become more prepared for promoting your campaign via email. 



Follow this links for tips about how to create and manage a successful email marketing campaign.


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