How to promote your campaign via social media

To start sharing and promoting your campaign on social media, follow these simple steps first:


From your WeDidIt dashboard, click on Campaigns, then click on List. Select the campaign you want to share and search for the link button to the right of the campaign name click on it.



A menu will popup with 3 different links for your campaign. Copy the Campaign URL and paste it in your preferred social media platforms.



Ask yourself the following questions to start a successful social media campaign.

  • Preparation: Do you have dedicated social media pages? Have you looked into best practices for social media promotion?
  • Management: Do you have somebody who will be in charge of engaging your audience through social media? Do they have content (text, photos, videos) to share with the link to your campaign page?
  • Anticipation: Have you built anticipation through posts such as "Big announcement coming next week!"?
  • Frequency: Do you have the capacity to post about the campaign every day or every other day? Will you be able to interact with people who like/comment/share/etc. your content? Are you able to tag and highlight people who have donated?


Follow this links for useful resources about how to create a successful social media campaign.



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