Account Sign-Up Guide for Fiscally Sponsored Projects

Account Sign-up Guide for Fiscally Sponsored Projects

The following instructions are for setting up your project's account on the WeDidIt platform.  

1. To get started:

  • Click on the invitation link from the email you were sent by your fiscal sponsor (i.e. accept the invite)
  • Create login credentials for yourself as a user in WeDidIt
  • Create your project's organization account (4 step process)
    • Now, your project officially has an account on the WeDidIt platform
  • Choose a subscription level (there is a free option)


Now, your account officially has an active subscription, allowing you to process donations and automatically research donors.


2. Users:

As a administrator User, you can create, associate, and edit other users on your project's account.

First, you'll want to add other users to your account. These users will be your teammates/colleagues at your organization who would benefit from being able to edit campaigns, conduct donor research, view reports and donor data, etc. 

  • Click 'users' from your WeDidIt dashboard
  • Click 'new'
  • Create a new User
    • Set a user as an 'administrator' (which means they can publish campaigns, exports reports, and invite/delete other users) 
  • Associate a User
    • Find an existing User by email address and add them to your project's account 
  • Edit users by pressing Users > 'current', then clicking 'edit' next to an individual users' name.
  • Click 'update user' when you're done editing


Check out these step-by-step instructions on managing your users here. 

Now, your project's account officially has users and administrators!


3. Whitelabel: 

White-labeling attempts to maintain your organization's brand and aesthetic across all of your account's publicly facing pages (i.e. Donation page, Campaigns, Memberships, Events, etc)

You have 2 options when it comes to determining your Whitelabel settings:

  1. DIY: design the standard header, navigation and style of white-labelled pages by yourself
    • If you wish to format your own whitelabel settings:
      • click 'whitelabel'
      • edit and format the layout, font, and colors using the design tools provided
  2. Custom: purchase a custom whitelabel design, where our tech team will mimic the exact look and feel of your current website's header & navigation menu, using HTML & CSS
    • If you wish to purchase a custom whitelabel design:
      • click 'whitelabel'
      • scroll to the bottom and click 'purchase design help'


Check out these step-by-step instructions on editing your White-label settings here

Now, you've officially determined your whitelabel settings!


4. Donation Page:

To add copy and content to your donation page:

  • Click 'donation page' from your WeDidIt dashboard
  • Click 'settings'
  • Follow the easy, 4-step process to adding copy, content, and preferred settings to your donation page

Check out these step-by-step instructions on creating your donation page here. 

Now, you officially have a donation page!


5. Campaigns:

To get started creating and sharing campaigns for your organization;

  • Click 'campaigns' from your WeDidIt dashboard
  • Click 'list' - this will take you to a page that lists all of your active and pending campaigns
  • Click '+new campaign' in the upper right hand corner of this page
  • You can choose to create a new campaign 'from scratch' - meaning you start with a blank canvas on which to build your unique campaign, or 'from template' - meaning you can choose a pre-made template for a specific campaign purpose (i.e. Giving Tuesday, End of Year Appeal, etc.) depending on your campaign. Follow the directions here in this help center article on creating your own templates
  • Follow the steps in the Campaign Wizard to creating and setting up your campaign, then click 'publish'
  • Click the link button to copy your campaign URL - and share it on your preferred social media networks, email list, etc. 

Check out these step-by-step instructions on creating a campaign here.

Now, you've officially started a campaign! Let the $$ roll in!


You've covered your bases of getting signed up, so now what?

  • Explore the platform, get familiar with the tools and features available to you
  • Introduce and invite your colleagues to the platform
  • Create more campaigns and share away
  • Keep track of your donors and analytics through Insights


For a shareable, PDF file of this Sign-up Guide, please reach out to:




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