Check your Donation Page's Analytics

Login to your WeDidIt account then click 'Donation Page' > 'Analytics' from the main menu:



You'll be brought to a page displaying the web traffic and analytics on your donation page.



From your page analytics, you can determine:

  • how many people visited your page
  • how many page views were generated (i.e. some people may visit the page multiple times)
  • which traffic sources performed the best (i.e. facebook, twitter, email, etc)
  • how effective were you email/newsletter blasts in driving traffic to your page (i..e 'direct' traffic sources)
  • how much money was raised for any particular traffic source
  • geographically, from which states and cities in the USA did you receive web traffic
  • how much money was raised from donors in any of the 50 states 


* Tip: Adjust the date range by selecting either the start or end date, navigating to the day & month you'd like, and clicking on the specific day. After you click 'Update', the page will reload data for that specified date range. 




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