Why Did My Donor's Card Payment Fail?

Why Did My Donor's Card Payment Fail?


Your donor's payment could have failed for a number of reasons. However, what it means when a card payment fails is that the payment processor could not, for some reason, verify the information it was given by the donor.

Some reasons why:

  • the first and/or last name put down does not match the name on the donor's card
  • the address put down does not match what the donor's bank has on file for them
  • insufficient funds on the card
  • other unauthorized payments associated with the card / or too many consecutive payments on the card in a row

Reach out to your donor and instruct them to first double check that the name and address they put down match their bank and card information. 

Instruct your donor to check with their card issuer or bank to check this information if needed.

For more help and information on payment processing and issues like this one, please visit WePay's help center:


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