What data points are needed when creating the project account creation spreadsheet?

When adding your projects to the WeDidIt platform, you will need to add a few specific data points for each project in order for WeDidIt to properly create their accounts and donation page. 

WeDidIt provides you with a spreadsheet template for this action which is attached to this article. A further description what is required by each data point is explained below:


Data points needed for all projects:

  • Project Name
  • Project Description (2-4 sentences about the project)
  • Subdomain **see below*
  • Project General Email Address (can be 'info@...' or the same as the user email address)
  • *EIN (optional and only needed if project is fiscally managed, and not fiscally sponsored)
  • Donation Page Description Text (can be the same as Project Description)
  • *Youtube Video URL for Donation Page (optional)
  • User First Name
  • User Last Name
  • User Email Address
  • State
  • Country

*Fields that are marked *optional are not required, all others are required. 

**A subdomain must be a single word or group of words without spaces. It is used to create the URL for where their pages will be hosted. For Example, say you had a project called "Logan Saves the World and their website is '', you'd want to submit the subdomain to be 'logansavesworld' so that all pages created on the WeDidIt site for them would follow the subdomain and look like ' as their donation page. If the project does not have a website, then you can get creative and submit a subdomain that resembles their project name. 


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