How to use the Text-to-Give feature (with 10 digit number)

How to use the Text-to-Give feature from the platform. 

The text-to-give feature is a great way to engage supporters from their phones using SMS. It is especially useful during your organization's events with large audiences, such as fundraisers, lectures, galas, etc.

With this tool, supporters are able to quickly and easily access your organization's campaign page (and make donations) right from their mobile phone, whenever, wherever.

WeDidIt's Text-to-Give feature uses automated SMS texts to deliver a unique message to anyone who texts your unique keyword to your 10 digit text-to-give number

Below are directions on how to enable the feature from the WeDidIt platform.



From the menu, click 'text-to-give', then click 'manage' from the sub-menu.



You'll be brought to a list of the text-to-give programs you are managing. Click 'create new code'.



You'll be brought to a creation page where you'll fill in the: 

  • Code - the keyword that will prompt the SMS auto-response (i.e. the text message) to your donors/supporters. The keyword must be at least 3 characters long

  • Message - this is the actual text message the recipient gets after texting the Code to your 10 digit number. 

For example "Thank You for your support, click here to make your donation:"

Make sure you add your campaign or donation page URL to the message, if the intent of the text-to-give program is to drive donations. Click Submit to activate these settings.



You may need to pay for the 10-digit service, depending on the current subscription plan that you're on. The platform will prompt you for payment after you press "submit". Please proceed from there to finalize the setup of your text-to-give service.


Make sure everything works as expected. Test the feature by texting the code/keyword to the number you are given on the top of the text-to-give page in the platform.

Below is an example of what the SMS interaction should look like from your phone:



For more help, please contact us using the floating "Help" widget in the lower right corner of the platform. 


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