Custom Whitelabeling Limitations and Constraints

Custom Whitelabeling is a service provided for a fee by WeDidIt whereby we create a skin for your donation and campaign pages which exactly mimics the look, feel, navigation, and interaction of your organization's home page. The donor or visitor to your site experiences seamless toggling between your homepage and your donation/campaign pages. This is different from DIY Whitelabeling, which you can do by yourself (at no cost).


The custom Whitelabeling service has some limitations:

  • First, the WeDidIt team will analyze and determine the scope of customization based on your main website header characteristics.
  • The service will not mimic your main website advanced JavaScript features like: advanced JavaScript functions, search boxes, dynamic login menus, dynamic data from your main website, advanced scripts or tools.
  • Will not mimic advanced CSS animations.

The best scenario is to replicate a pure CSS version of your main website header; this will mitigate the risk of errors caused by JavaScript features that can slow down your donation page or break it.


Learn how to request a custom Whitelabeling service


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