How do I refund a ticket to my event?

How do I refund a ticket to my event?

1. From the WeDidIt platform, click the 'events' tab, then click 'list' from the drop down menu:



2. Once you're at the list, find your event in either 'live', or 'past'. then click the Reports quick access button for your specific event:



3. From the event details, click the green '+' sign, located to the left of the donor for whom you'd like to refund a ticket. 



4. Scroll down to the bottom of the donor's payment record to find the 'refund' button.



The refund will be processed and your donor will get an email notification of the refund. 

* Refunds can only be initiated from the platform if they are within 60 days of the initial payment. Otherwise, you'll need to contact (the payment processor) if you need to refund a payment that was made outside of the 60-day window. 


For more help, contact support using the floating "help" button in the lower right corner of your account. 




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